Art Deco Arm Chair

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About Art Deco Arm Chair

 Art Deco Arm Chair
by the designer Lajos Kozma (1884-1948) and Jzsef Heisler wood factory, Budapest.
The frame is made out of ebonized wood. A sit and back are covered with cowhide. The back of the chair is attached to the sit with a chrome rectangular connector.
In the fall of 1931, Lajos Kozma (1884-1848) presented the forerunner of the chair at the Budapest Furniture Fair. Subsequently, he produced the furniture in various forms and materials. All the chairs were fitted with a flexible backrest made of nickel-plated steel. The rest was covered with cane or laminated. The seat was either made of cane or upholstered or laminated. Some variants feature steel or wooden legs or have a complete wooden or steel frame.

Hungary, c. 1930s
22” x 23” x 34”

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