Andre Gisson (1921-2003)

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About Andre Gisson (1921-2003)

Andre Gisson was born with the name Anders Gittelson and lived in Westport, Connecticut for most of his life. However, his paintings reflect his extensive travels and studies in Europe and the Far East and his desire to appear cosmopolitan in background.
Gisson's landscapes, beach scenes, and portraits were intended to create a reflective mood of serenity. His still lifes show Japanese influence in his work, while the French influence is more pronounced in his landscapes, beach scenes and studies of the human figure.
Gisson believed that it is the role of the artist to extend or "explain" perception and feeling and in this way enlarge the total human vision.

Oil on canvas, signed lower left. c. 1960s

16”h x 12”w , overall size is 27”h x 22”w

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