Diane Woodruff (1940-1993)

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About Diane Woodruff (1940-1993)

American Artist, was born in California. 

The portrayal of the state Texas is depicted in surrealist style on this 38” x 44” , overall size is 44” x 50.5”,

oil on masonite. 

“Texas History”

The featured Texas icons are: The Alamo, The single star or “lone” star that represents the entire state of Texas and it stands for unity as one for God, State and Country, Sam Houston on a horseback, The Wind Mill, and many other symbolic representation of the state of Texas. 

This surreal depiction of the state of Texas, have many applications delivering the thick almost relief-like, unique presentation. According to the close associate of the artist, she used Styrofoam and glue to achieve an "impasto" like style. 

Two of artist's paintings are on loan to the City of Collinsville from Diane Newhouse.

She was working on multiple portraits of American presidents. According to the article "Internationally Acclaimed artist Restoring City of Collinsville" by Donna Hoffman from August 5, 1990, Diane Woodruff was working with Japanese collectors, who were trying to buy artist's collection of paintings for  $200 million.

The average price for her work ranges from $40K - $50K, one painting sold for $125,000. ("Portrait of an Artist", artist by Terrell Lester from June 3, 1990) 

c. 1980s

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