French Sculpture, "Lady and a Dog" from 1920s

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About French Sculpture, "Lady and a Dog" from 1920s

French sculpture. Made out of spelter, face and hands are made out of bakelite. In the past spelter has often been overlooked by art dealers in preference to bronze. However, pieces of spelter, dating from the early 20th century to the present day are now much sought after. The beauty of its finished patina – when spelter is cast it is produced without flaws – creates sculptural works that are perfect in form. The quality of spelter is in its casting. After casting the body of the work it can be painted or gilded. This exact science of production has pushed spelter to be as collectable as bronze because of the higher quality of finish, circa 1920s. Measures: 24" W x 6" D x 13" H.

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