Fritz Muller (1913-1972)

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About Fritz Muller (1913-1972)

Fritz Muller (1913-1972)

Fritz Müller was born in the Tyrolean Alps of Germany in 1913.  He studied in Munich Germany and Vienna Austria. Müller resided in Munich for a period of time employed as a beer barrel engineer.  He painted as a hobby in his spare time.  At first Müller would paint portraits of his fellow workers and their wives.  He painted with exceptional realism and detail.  Demand for his paintings changed his career to a professional and full time artist. Müller was best known for his miniature portraits of his native Tyroleans and sun browned peasants.

Oil on board, signed upper right. C. 1950s
9”h x 7”w, overall size is 13.5” x 11”

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