German Jewel-Encrusted Sterling Silver Chess Set

$ 59,000.00

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About German Jewel-Encrusted Sterling Silver Chess Set

The magnificent 32 pieces chess set is made, circa 1900-1910 in Germany for export to England. The figures made out of sterling silver and gold washed sterling silver, stamped "925 Sterling". Faces and hands are made out of bone, intricately detailed and hand-carved. Each figure is encrusted with diamonds, sapphires, amethysts, rubies and other precious stones. Gorgeous quality of a solid silver set. Measurements: King - the largest figure is 7.50" H x 2.4" W (base), pawn - the smallest figure is 5.5" H x 2" W (base). The board for this chess set is made out of onyx with silver trimming wrapping board around. The board is elevated by four silver semi-sphere supporters.

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