Silver Seder Plate from Hungary

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About Silver Seder Plate from Hungary

Beautiful Seder Plate placed at the head of the table. In Hebrew, it is called “Ka’arah”. Before the Seder, Seder Plate is arranged the by placing three whole Matzot in a cover or special compartment under the plate. Then, six items on top are arranged, each one reminding of the Passover Story: Zeroah: A Roasted Bone This reminds of the Peach offering that used to bring in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Beitzah: A hard-boiled Egg This reminds of the festival offering which was brought to the Holy Temple on Pesach. Maror: Horseradish Root These bitter herbs symbolize the harsh suffering and bitter times that people endured when they were slaves in Egypt. Charoset: A mixture of chopped apple, walnuts and red wine. Ground up together, Charoset resembles bricks and mortar, reminding how hard people were forced to work when we were slaves in Egypt. Karpas: This can be a small slice of onion, boiled potato or sprigs of parsley. We dip the Karpas into salt water at the beginning of the Seder, representing the salty tears we cried when were slaves. Chazeret: Romaine Lettuce This is the second portion of bitter herbs which people eat during the Seder. This is eaten in a Matzah sandwich together with Maror.

Rare & Unusual European Silver Seder Plate / Kaarah, Marked 835, round shape with 6 cups on top, the sides decorated with scrolling foliage and floral sprays, with a pair of doors opening to three tiers, on rocaille feet. There are symbolic markings in Hebrew on cups and front of doors. This Seder is 14"w x 9.5"h. First half of the 20th century. Made in Hungary. Stamped "Hungary, 835" There is a similar piece at the Jewish museum in Budapest, Hungary. Condition, perfect.

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